Question about "Tubey" sweater

For making the sleeves on “Tubey”[SIZE=2], [/SIZE]the pattern says to slip the first stitch of each row while knitting in stockinette.

How should that first stitch be slipped–always purlwise? Always knitwise? Or one way on the knit side and another way on the purl side?

If somebody could please respond soon…this will be my very first sweater, and I wanted to hurry up and start on it while I was still feeling brave!:teehee::oops:

In this situation, I always slip purlwise.

Me too.I just finished Tubey and it was pretty easy good luck.:woohoo:

i’ve got tubey in my queue. i agree on slipping that stitch purlwise. what you are doing is making a nice chain/braided-type edging which makes it easy to pick up stitches. i’m assuming this is how you will be attaching the sleeve tube to the body tube. hope you’ll post pics when it’s done. :wink:

I know this question is a little off the subject, but I was noticing the way the sweater fits at the top, and wondering if a strapless bra is needed when wearing it.

Thank you SO MUCH everybody for your input!!! I slip purlwise on garterstitch fabric, but I wasn’t sure about stockinette. I have a few small projects to finish before I start Tubey, but I can’t wait to do this!

Jdee, I was actually wondering the same thing, because the neckline is generously cut (which is something I really liked about the style). When I finish, I can post pix and give an opinion about the bra issue if you think it would be helpful.

That would be great. Thanks.:slight_smile:

Here’s my"Midsummer Night’s" version of the Tubey. It the second sweater shown in green.

It’s basically 1 sleeve tube that opened in the middle and a body tube. As you can see from the photo, strapless is the way to go. The collar cuts fairly wide from nearly armpit to armpit.

If you’re not comfortable with that much skin, you can seam a few more stitches from the neckline edge of the sleeve tube down into the top of your body tube, provided that you have enough ease to do so. I seamed 4-6 more stitches this way.
Also if your collar is a tad loose, you can do the same.

I’m thinking of doing another this fall. I’m thinking of doing one where the collar is a bit more closed in on the sides. I’ll probably increase the stitches on the ‘collar side’ of the opened sleeve tubes and see if that allows be enough room to pull the collar in a bit more.

Queen I love your work!:heart:

Me too–your garments are just GORGEOUS!!! Your version of Tubey’s got a lot going on–really a beautiful design!!!:inlove:

BTW, I was just talking to one my knitting padwans that is working on this design.

She’s very curvy, like roller coaster, traffic stopping curvy;)

Keep in mind, the top of the body torso is approximately at the same height as the bottom edge of the sleeve/ armpit.

She decided that was a tad too much skin to show but she still liked the open neckline. I also knew that the original pattern would give her a uniboob. So I taught her how to shortrow enough to make room for her girls :slight_smile: and let her breathe properly.

We also added a few shortrows on the top of the body tube in the front to give a bit more coverage. She prefers it when guys actually make eye contact when they talk to her:-P

She simply divided the front and back half, and with the front half, she added centered shortrows in decreasing increments of 2-5%. So if you have a total of 100 stitches for the front half, you’ll be decreasing by 2-5 stitches for each row.

She did this for 8 rows with 3 stitch decreases for each row and then bind-off the whole body tube (total of 24 stitch decrease) . She did a bit of experimenting with how much to decrease. She came to decide on 8 rows based on how much of the sleeve stitches she was going to seam to the front. She ended up seaming up 12 stitches on each side.

Is that as clear as mud, eh?

Queen, you are too much!!! I was giggling in between bits of your knitting prowess by your humor (my Star Wars buff son would appreciate “knitting padwan”:roflhard:)! Thank you for the info on short rows. I have the opposite situation as your friend…unfortunately, it’s a case of the incredible shrinking boobs for me! :oops::rofl:

Thank you for the info, Queen. Your version is gorgeous!

I too have similar problems of coverage and curves. The info on short rows is very helpful, although I’m not sure I understand fully. Did she add short rows twice?

I’m just getting started knitting this pattern, still trying to figure out what size to knit :??

She used shortrows in two places: in the chest region and on the top of the body tube to give herself some more extra cleavage coverage.

In the chest region she usedthis technique. So in the end she ended up with Photo #8 on the above link.

On the top of the body tube, she added a few extra rows on the front to add a bit more fabric without having to add fabric on the back (where she didn’t any extra coverage). This addition gave her neckline where the sides sloped inwards slightly as the knitting rose up. This looked like photo #7 on the above link.

Along the sloped sides is where she seamed some extra stitches from the back collar/neckline.

I hope that helps:)