Question about the "thanks" system on these forums

Guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m part of the moderator team on another forum (not knitting-related), and we are interested in implementing the same “thanks” system that you have on here. Now, my main question here is, is this system troll-safe? I.e., could I sit here and keep “thanking” one user over and over and over in order for that user to accumulate a high # of “thanks,” or can I only thank each user once per each post?
Thanks (haha)

You can only do one per post.

While you can only do it once per post, it is possible these settings can be changed. (Sheldon would know for sure or not) But many settings on forums can be played with, and you can sometimes change the number of times someone does something.

I used to run a forum years ago, and I remember I could change how often you could edit your post. I could even decide how many seconds could pass before you could reply to another topic, as a way to control spamming.