Question about the ads on this site

I’m getting ready to put in an order at elann, but wanted to ask about about the ads here before I do. Does KH get a portion of the sale if I link through an ad on here? If so, I want to make sure I do that for this order!! :slight_smile: Let me know asap because I want to put in my order within the next few hours. TIA :heart:

Yes, click on the banners to order, it does benefit Knitting Help.

From what I understand, if you click on one of the banners here to get to a store Amy will get a kick back from a purchase you make.

TY very much! I’m on my way to shop. :cheering: :cheering:

some of them she gets a flat rate for having the ad and some she gets a kick back…clicking is always good just to be sure! :thumbsup:

Even if she doesn’t get anything on the click through, it does help to click through the link so the advertiser will know you came from KH. That way the advertiser knows the ad here is bringing in customers and might affect the decision to renew :thumbsup: