Question about switching from knitting in the round to knitting straight?

Hi! I am fairly new to knitting and started on this cute apple cozy to practice using DPNs. All was well and good until I got to this instruction:

“No longer knitting in the round, purl 2 together, purl the entire row, purl 2 together on the end”

Is there something special I need to do to stop knitting in the round? Do I continue using 4 needles or condense?

Any help is SUPER appreciated!! Thank you!

All patterns are different. Do you have a pattern link and name?

Had to go look up an apple cosy. The things you learn!

No, you don’t do anything special to stop working in the round. When you get to your end of round marker, instead of slipping the marker and continuing around, you’ll turn your work and head back the way you came, following those directions to purl. (And drop the stitch marker.)

As for DPNs, it’s not that you couldn’t continue to use them, but they get a lot less fun and useful in this kind of scenario. There’s no magic requirement about how many DPNs you ever have to use. So in this case, just condense as needed.

(The cosies I saw would have had a lot of the pattern worked flat, so this might not be the best way for you to practice working with DPNs. Even if you rip it out after, a preemie or newborn baby hat might be a better way to practice.)

Thank you SO MUCH for responding! Here is the pattern I was referring to:

I was confused because of the first image in the pattern where I could only see 2 needle. I will try again with your advice :slight_smile:

I think the photo is probably showing a long circular needle but the cable part is off camera.