Question about sweater neckband


I’m knitting Red Heart Northern Lights Easy Fair Isle Pullover.

Directions say to work the neckband in ribbing for 2.5 inches; bind off loosely in ribbing; and then fold neckband in half to wrong side and loosely slip stitch in place.

I am wondering if there’s any reason I couldn’t instead just work the neck in ribbing for X number of inches, bind off, and call it finished… so it would be a crew neck type neckline. This way it would just be one layer thickness of neckband rather than double thickness around the neck.

Thank you in advance for any advice.


You are the knitter, you decide :grinning:. Honestly I very seldom follow any ready written pattern, instead I gather inspiration from here and there and do what I want and the same you can do with this sweater. Just look at the pictures of different necks and see what you like.


Yes, you can. Decide how deep you want your neckband to be then cast off!!( but remember to cast off loosely :wink: )


Go for it! I always say, a knitting pattern is like a recipe, you can follow it to the letter or you can tweak it to suit your own taste. For example, I made a sweater in a particular pattern and I have bought some multi coloured wool and am going to make the same sweater but in stockinette stitch. If you want to do a straight neckband then go for it just, as has already been said, cast off loosely. Good luck and happy knitting!!!


You sure can! I never do the doubled over neck band on this sweater-I knit the neckband to about 1 1/4"-what’s a good width for me-and then bind off in pattern. It looks great on the sweater.


Thank you both!!