Question about stitch count

I am knitting a men’s cable knit sweater size small. The instructions want me to co 83 sts, work in rib for 5 inches, increase 8 sts for a total of 91 sts. So far, so good. the next row, though, ends up with 94 sts by my count. The direction is as follows:
K18, p9, k14, [p3,k3] 1/1/2x, p3, k14, p9, k18
Doesn’t the [p3,k3] 1/1/2x mean p3, k3, p3?
I think this is where I’m messed up but I can’t figure out how else to read it…
Thanks for your help.

The ‘1/1/2x’ is how many times you do the (p3, k3) for different sizes. So for the small size you only do it once - k18, p9, k14, p3, k3, p3, k14, p9, k18. That doesn’t add up to 94 sts, it’s 91.

thanks. I knew the repeat of the [p3,k3] had to be the problem, but I didn;t know what I was doing wrong.