Question about spinning?

I want to start spinning. I’ve been checking out the joyofspinning…and I think I get most everything. prepare the fiber with dutch combs or something similar…then spin. My question is…if you’re spinning something in a basically worsted weight, how many oz of fiber do you usually buy, and how many yards does this usually make?


Handspun is usually a bit denser than commercially spun yarn – so compare the weight of what you want with a similar commercial yarn and then get a bit more fiber to be safe. For example…50g of Knitpicks WOTA (worsted weight) yields a little over 100 yards…especially if you are a beginner, it will take more than 50g of fiber to yield the same yardage.

The more you spin, the better idea you’ll be able to get regarding how much fiber will yield how much yarn. :smiley:

It depends on if your fiber prep is worsted or woolen and if you are spinning worsted or woolen- worsted spinning and prep (such as combs and tops) is much denser and how many people learn to spin. The yardage will be less than many commercial yarns, which often have elements of woolen prep or spinning in them. (exception being some really sturdy sock yarns).

I usually spin woolen prep and woolen spinning with a long draw for dk and worsted weight yarns, and woolen prep and worsted spinning for sock yarn (or versus, but I prefer to card on my drum carder).

Most people will say start with 4 ounces of a fiber to begin with, which for wools in roving form is usually about right- it will give you a pair of socks, some wrist warmers, or part/all of a hat (depending on if its single or plied and how tightly).

For more exotic or $$ fibers though, I say just go with 2 ounces, unless its something like angora or angelina, which you usually blend anyways with a couple ounces of another fiber. Two ounces is enough to play with and still get some yardage out of. Combine 2 or 3 samplings and you easily have a striped hat, scarf knit the long ways, etc.

Individual fibers and spinning methods will produce different results, but this is a pretty good guide to go by:

Lace = 2600+ yards per pound
Fingering = 1900 to 2400 yards per pound
Sport = 1200 to 1800 yards per pound
Worsted = 900 to 1200 yards per pound
Bulky = 600 to 800 yards per pound
Very Bulky = 400 to 500 yards per pound

Thank you for your responses! I think this spinning forum is great…and I can’t wait to get more use of it after my spindle and 2 oz. of practice roving arrives!! I’m so excited!!