Question about socks

Does anyone know if it is easy to change a sock pattern from dpn’s to magic loop?

I’ve done it many times, it just takes a little bit of figuring out but it works great in my opinion! When you get to the heel flap part, you just leave half of the stitches on the cord of the circular and work the other half, picking up stitches for the gusset is a breeze and away you go. Give it a try!

Thanks for the speedy reply I really need to make some socks and I figured a new method might get me out of my funk I may me coming to you with questions though! :lol:

Alright, I’m ready!!! :thumbsup:

ok knitqueen I am almost done with my ribbing and I am not sure where to go after that it is the basic sock pattern from Silvers tutorial I think I have to divide for the heel next