Question about socks on 2 circs: after turning the heel?

I am not sure what my title should’ve been. :???:

I frogged my socks back to the cuff and have begun the heel flap, I can turn the heel and pick up the stitches but what do I do after that? The instructions are a bit confusing, I don’t know how to get both sides of the sock back to knitting in the round, the tails are opposite each other, if I’m making any sense at all. I somehow ended up with extra stitches on the needle, 13 on one after picking up and 15 on the other and there should’ve been 11, if I’m remembering right. I KNOW I can do this, I just feel like I can’t right now! HELP?!?:frog: I am a very visual person so I need to see it.

I have the book [U]Knitting Circles Around Socks[/U] by Antje Gillingham

Go to Silver’s tutorial for one toe-up sock on two circs. (She also has other tutorials for socks you might like.) It will give you good visuals. What pattern are you using?

Are you at the place where you are supposed to pick up a certain amount of stitches on the side? Silver’s tutorial can help you with that.

Thank you ladies! :aww:

I have looked at the tutorial. I am just using the basic sock pattern from the book I mentioned in my previous post. What I need to see is what the needles are supposed to look like when gusset stitches have been picked up on both socks and you’re knitting in the round again. What side is the working yarn supposed to be on? I will check Sliver’s Tutorial again. Thank you for replying.