Question about (sock) patterns and yardage... >>>

I have big feet (size 11! eek!) and am about to start trying socks. I surf the net a lot and I’ve seen many mentions of 100g should make a pair but I’ve also seen a few comments that if you’re feet are a little on the large size, you might need a bit more.

SO…my question is, which type of patterns use up lots of yarn versus some that don’t use as much? Does ribbing eat up a lot of yarn? Any pattern recs for someone who might need ALL the yarn in a skein to have a nice pair of socks?


Just finished a sock for my DH. He has large feet. I took me exactly one 50 g skein to finish one sock. I have just started the second sock and I am not going to worry now because I know that this skein of yarn will be enough to finish the sock I am knitting now. The first one was a bit nerve racking. I kept checking the ball to make sure I was not running out.

IMHO ribbing takes more yarn than stockinette. It also depends what size needles you are using. I am using US 3 dpn’s with sport weight yarn.

I hope this helps you!

Howdy Boo1 ~
Patterns using cables will probably require a little more yarn than “plainer” socks. Ribbed socks or any socks using a basic knit purl patterning should have pretty straight forward yarn requirements. Although, to be on the safe side; since this is the first time you are making socks for yourself I would purchase an extra skein of yarn to avoid the frustration of running out of yarn. If you do not require the extra skein all the better you can use it in a future project for contrasting toes, heels, and or cuffs.

If you can borrow the Charlene Schurch book “Sensational Knitted Socks” from your library it gives a set of charts showing different yarn requirements for different weights of yarn to make different size socks.

Also keep in mind that if you are using self-striping yarn and want the stripes to match, you may have to waste some to do so.
IMHO ribbing takes more yarn than stockinette, as do cables. An inch of fabric on small needles takes more yarn than an inch on large needles.

I have average size feet and I always have yarn left over when making socks. I think you will be fine with any sock yarn unless you want to make them long in the leg/cuff part. I make mine 7 inches.
Hope this helps.

I have size 10W feet. I just finished my first sock and it took less than one 50g ball. Actually I have quite a bit left over. It was just the sock from Silver’s Tutorial, basic stockinette with a ribbed leg. I’m pretty sure you won’t need more than 100g, depending on the weight. I used Knit Picks Palette bc it was cheap for a first pair of socks. Hope this helped. Good luck!:thumbsup:

100g should do it i would buy more though just in case of any xtra stuff