Question about Sock Instructions

I just started working one of the 12-stitch sock patterns in SKS (pgs 57-61).

I finished the toes and will be getting ready to begin the foot. I am a bit confused about something in the instructions, however.

The way the instructions read, you are supposed to move one stitch from needle 2 to needle 1 (which I understand).

Then the number of stitches per needle are listed (in my case it will be 37, 17, 18).

Here’s the part I don’t understand:

“Beg each rnd of patt work with extra st on chart or in written instructions. This will balance patt over instep.”

Does this mean that I only have to move the one stitch the first round of the foot, or am I supposed to move it each round? I would think it would only be the one time, or else the pattern would be moving around the sock, right?

Sorry if this is a dumb question…just seems like each sock is a new challenge. :teehee:

Thanks a bunch! :muah:


Moving the extra stitch serves to make the top and bottom even, so keep working it as though it is on the top of the foot (the instep).

I hope that helps!

I think I understand. What the pattern is saying is to keep this extra stitch and work it in the pattern to keep everything balanced, right? It’s just worded kind of weird.


It is strange, yes! I’ve encountered it in sock patterns before. I think it should be disallowed! :rofl: