Question about slipping purl stitch

I am working on my first sock and doing Silver’s sock class, using the 4 dpns. Which by the way I love her tutorial, it is great. Just a quick question, I am working on the heel flap. It says to slip purlwise, then knit, slip, knit, … When you slip purlwise, do you bring your yarn to the front? I realize it doesn’t really matter on the first slip, but on the thrid one, does it matter where I hold my yarn? Front or back? I knit English, if it matters.


Leave the yarn in back unless the pattern says to bring it to the front. That’s only done in patterns where you use the bar of yarn across slipped stitches for decorative purposes, but not in socks.

Thank you! I looked at who was online and was so happy to see you hear, suzeeq. I just knew you would answer, always sooo helpful! Now I can go back to playing with my socks. Thank you again!