Question about sliding a marker

I have a new pattern that is beginner level and thus not difficult at all. I am beyond beginner. However, this pattern has me wondering. The pattern has markers. The instructions say to knit to the marker, pearl three then slide the marker. I think it may be a pattern error but would like to know the thoughts of others.


It is telling you to transfer the marker from the left needle to the right needle after working the stitches before the marker.

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Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?
It is a bit confusing. It might have meant to say "knit to 3sts [I]before[/I] the marker, p3, slip marker.

Here’s the pattern stitch that is confusing me:

Row 1: (wrong side) sl1, k1, yo, knit to marker, yo, sl1, k3 repeat from to 2 more times, yo, knit until 2 stitches remain yo, k2
Row 2: sl1, p1, knit to marker, purl 3, sl mk, repeat from to 2 more times, knit until 2 sts remain, p2
Row 3: sl1, k1, purl to marker, sl mk, k3 repeat from to 2 more times, knit until 2 stitches remain, p2
Row 4: sl1, p1, *knit to markerm p3, sl mk, * repeat from to 2 more times, knot until 2 stitches remain, p2

I have double checked the spacing of the markers and they are correct. It is pattern row 2 that I do not understand. I have knit to the first marker and slid it over, purled three and the next marker is several stitches on so there is no sl mk to do. This pattern has to be very simple but I cannot figure out what I might be doing wrong or reading wrong.

Have you looked online for errata? What is it that you’re making? Is there a pattern name?
What happens when you slip marker and purl 3, then repeat the instructions between the asterisks? Do you have enough sts to do that?