Question about Silvers sock tutorial

i am pretty new to knitting, so i am not sure if this is a good idea or not… LOL

i am making my MILs stocking and i left the pattern at home (i am at my moms today) i HAVE to finish it today, so i figured i would just “wing it” at the heel, which is where i am now. can i just use Silver’s basic sock tutorial and kinda change it around for the stocking? i mean, a stocking is just basically a huge sock…

or am i being “knitting naive?” :??

It’s probably worth a shot. Or you can look here and see if there’s one that would work for your stocking.

The stitch count and number of rows, etc., will vary from pattern the pattern but the basics of HOW to do the heel, the instep, the gusset, etc. will remain virtually the same. Go for it!!

Yup…I used Silver’s tutorial to make a stocking…I think next time I’d make the heel flap a little shorter, but other than that, it turned out great! :smiley:

tee-hee—thats kinda funny, bc i DID make the heel flap shorter! i still didnt get it finished yesterday :frowning:
IL’s are coming into town on Wed, so i have today and tomorrow, but my DH is working late both days, so it will be very hard to finish bc of the baby!
ACK! i just turned the heel…so i am ALMOST done!