Question about short rows

I’m working on a project for a newborn scrub pant and there is some short row shaping on the bum area. I’m familiar with the techniques but the wording on the pattern is throwing me off so I’d like some feedback…
I’ve sent an email to the designer but didn’t get a resonse.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Work a set of short rows (instructions given and states to remove markers at the end)
  2. Continue in stockinette stitch until work measures 5" on the side opposite the short rows, removing the markers on the last row.


  1. I think this is saying that I need to continue with the short rows for the 5", but if I remove the markers after the first round, do I keep putting them back on?

  2. How do I measure the 5" opposite the short rows?

Thanks in advance.

Work one set of short rows, however many that may be according to the directions. Then continue in stockinette stitch until you get to 5".
The short rows are adding extra rows on one side of the piece. Measure on the [I]other[/I] edge, the edge that doesn’t have the extra short rows.

Would it make sense to only have 1 set of short rows?The pattern doesn’t imply to do more than that which is why I’m confused…

I’ll try to attach the exact wording…


See attachment for first part of instructions

This is the tutorial portion that part 1 refers to.

Yarn Over short rows: Knit to your first short row marker. Turn
your work so the back (purl side) is now facing you, yarn over (tightly) and purl to one
stitch before the next short row marker. Turn your work so the front is now facing you,
yarn over (tightly) and knit to the “beginning of round” marker. AS YOU KNIT THE NEXT
two sts before the first short row marker - knit the yo together with the next stitch,
remove marker, knit to next marker, remove marker, you will have a knit st and then the
yo, slip the knit stitch knit wise and then slip back onto the left needle (this twists the st)
then k that stitch together with the yo through the back loop. This will prevent any holes
and keep your st count from increasing.

I agree that it’s not a great deal of shaping but that’s what the pattern is calling for. On the other hand, five inches of short rows seems like too much shaping.
What is the name of the pattern? Have you searched for errata or have you checked on Ravelry to see if there are any comments from others who have worked the pattern?

Thanks, I agree that 5" of short rows would be a lot for a newborn garment. I got the pattern from Etsy so hopefully the seller gets back with me soon. If not I’ll keep going and experimenting. Thanks for your opinion.