Question about short row shaping

Hello there, I am on the last row of short row shaping and it is telling me to purl to last 6 sts wrap and turn. Move last unworked sts to right hand needle and break yarn. That means I would be moving 38 sts that are unworked to right hand needle. Does that sound right? It seems you would purl across to the wrap at the other end and then move the unworked sts. Can someone tell me which you think is right? There were a lot of errors in the pattern so that is why I am so skeptical.

You should be at the end where there’s only 6 unworked sts I think. Do you have a link to the pattern?

Hello there, it is the same pattern you have helped me with before the Piccoli Sweater in the Doggie Knits book. I feel the same way as you because if you break the yarn where it says it’s right at the last wrap and it seems like that would not be too secure

I don’t think we’re going to be able to get to the pattern itself so can you tell us where you are in the sweater and quote the directions for about the last 2 rows and also tell us what happens after you break the yarn. There won’t be a problem securing the yarn but it would help to know what happens to the sts that are now held on the needle.

I am at the tail end of the sweater and it says: Knit to last 4 (there are 44 sts on needle) wrap and turn. Purl to last 4 wrap and turn. Knit to last 6 wrap and turn. Purl to last 6 wrap and turn. Move last unworked sts to right needle and break yarn. Next step is sew the body seam together and then stitches will be picked up on the belly of the sweater and the stitches on the needle will be added. The wraps are to be worked as the ribbing is done around the tail opening.

OK, it makes sense to break the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail so that you can weave it in later. After you sew the body seam, you can pick up the sts for the ribbing around the edge and at the same time, you’ll pick up the wraps.The tail left from the body can be woven into the seam between the body and the ribbing to secure it. Here’s a link to a finished project on Ravelry that shows the back end of the sweater and the ribbing quite well

You do only have 6 (or 10) sts left at the end, not 38, so you move them to the other needle and just cut the yarn leaving a tail to weave in.