Question about shawl collar!

I am knitting this sweater:

and am working the left front collar portion. The instructions say to:

“Then work over the remaining 20 sts for collar for another 4”. Then for the collar shaping, on the RH side, leave 4 sts on a holder on next row, then every 2nd row 4 times more. The left front is complete." Then I’m supposed to do the Right Front the same, with reversing shaping.

THEN further on, the instructions for Finishing say:

“Weave the open sts at center back collar tog. (from the left front and right front) Sew sides of collar along back neck.”

I’ve gotten as far as knitting the 20 sts for collar for another 4" for the left front. I’ve never woven live sts together and am wondering if it would be simpler to just bind off those sts instead?!?!? and sew them together later to the sts from the right side?

(clueless in NJ)

My thoughts are don’t bind off the stitches, at the moment, but keep them on the stitch holder and work the right front to match. Then use some spare yarn to make a mock-up of the back parts of the collar to test what will be the best option out of weave the live stitches, bind off both halves and sew together (short row bind off?) or do a three needle bind off.

Julie has given you some nice alternatives to think about. You might also try weaving live sts together. It’s not difficult although it is easier in a quiet place without distraction (what isn’t?).

You could test it out on two small swatches if you like.