Question about Shaping

My daughter told me about this site and I finally got registered correctly. I learned to knit a couple of years ago, but have only had time for a limited number of projects so still consider myself an “intermediate beginner.”

I have one husband, two fabulously talented daughters, and two adorable grandchildren. While we miss our home state of LA, we currently live in the great state of GA (Atlanta area) and love to see the color show this time of year.

I have a question about a pattern instruction regarding shaping a sweater sleeve. It says to “increase 1 stitch each edge now and every 4th row”. How do I do that? I “throw” the yarn.


Welcome to the forum NanaMarty.

You are probably on a right side row when they tell you to do the first increase. You may like to do the increase 1 or 2 stitches in from the edges on each side, that keeps them from interfering with your edge when seaming. You can use whatever increase you like the looks of. I might use a M1B on the right and a M1F on the left, or even a simple backward loop thrown over the right needle for both sides. You can even k1, kfb in the next stitch at the beginning of the row, and knit across to the last 2 sts and kfb, k1. Any increase will really work there. Here is a link to the page here with links to videos for the different increases. LINK Just pick one you like and know and be consistent and use it each time or a set, one for each side.

Do the increases at each side on that first RS (right side) row that they indicate. Then work 1, 2, 3, rows and on the next (4th row) do the increases again at each side. You will be back to a right side row again.