Question about seaming

i have a friend who fairly new to crochet and she’s working on an afghan. she has two strips done, but she’s not sure how to put them together. is there a recommended way to seam crochet? i only knit, so i can’t really help her with this.


These basic techniques may help! :wink:

thanks! i’ll pass that on. :hug:

This is a really pretty way to put things together. It lays flat too, which I think is a huge bonus. She wouldn’t really have to put it around all of her strips. It would be relatively easy to make it work for just joining two sides together.

I’m actually using it on an afghan right now. :slight_smile:

thanks Riss! that’s really pretty. i’ll definitely tell her about it.

Thank you for the new way to join squares. I used to join with over hand stitch when I first learned to crochet at 13. I graduated to sc or ss. I think for my next project I will try flatbraid.
I have seen several pattern by Ms. Hewitt. I was trying to find out about her but her web site no longer runs. Do you happen to know why? Has she passed away?
Thanks for the new technique!:cheering:

The flatbraid looks very pretty. I’m going to have to try that out some day. :thumbsup:

Here is another joining method by the Crochet Dude: Dudeassembly (scroll down to the third post). It looks like there is also some braiding involved, but it appears more airy and uses two colors. There are other cool patterns on that page, too. :slight_smile: