Question about seaming

I’m finished with the knitting part of my son’s sweater (I’m making a raglan from a Lion Brand pattern, in 4 pieces), and I’m almost out of yarn! I probably have enough to pick up stitches around the neck and do the collar, once the sweater is assembled, but I definitely don’t have enough for the seams. How important is it to use the same yarn for the seams? Could I get away with using some stash yarn of a different color? Or should I just suck it up and buy another skein of the same yarn?

Its just Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky, so its not like its some super expensive yarn or anything like that. But, its an odd color, Pumpkin, because my son is 3 and will only wear clothes that are orange or have a truck on them (if they’re orange AND have a truck on them, BONUS!!) Both Joanne’s and Michael’s carry the yarn, but neither one ever has the right color, so I’d have to order it from Lion’s website. Which means I need to wait for it to be delivered, plus pay shipping. Again, not a huge deal, just annoying.

Thanks! This is my first garment, so I’d like it to actually be wearable.

If you do your seams right you shouldn’t be able to see the color of the yarn so I would just pick something that is of a similar color and the same weight. It will be wearable - I’d hate for you to lose all that work and have to wait because you had to order it! :pout:

I’d choose a color as close as possible if you don’t have the same one.

Actually, WoolEase Chunky is awfully heavy to seam with. It’s easier and neater to seam with something thinner in a color that blends with the pumpkin. Needlepoint yarn is great for this purpose: It comes in hundreds of colors and is strong enough to be pulled in and out of the seam without breaking.