Question about Scrunchable Scarf

The directions for the Scrunchable Scarf says to:

[b]Cast on a multiple of 3 sts (plus one on each edge for a selvage).

The pattern repeat is just K2, P1 - on both sides…[/b]

I’m unsure as to whether I’m supposed to begin and end each row with a knit stitch, doing the pattern repeat between…or do I simply begin each row with “K2, P1”. :??

It sounds like you just K2 P1 no matter what you’re doing. Although the mention of a selvedge makes me think that maybe you’re supposed to slip your first stitch. Ingrid will probably be along soon to clarify.

thats a good question b/c i would like to do this pattern myself

:waving: I’m getting too predictable.

Don’t count any selvedge stitch in your pattern count. I would slip the first stitch as if to purl and knit the last stitch on every row for a scarf. Your pattern stitches fall between these.

Thanks, Adian and Ingrid! It’s so neat to have someplace to go for help. :smiley:

Ingrid’s predictability is NOT a bad thing … she’s always got the answer. I just did one of these scarves and did exactly what Ingrid said. It worked great.

Whoa…I didn’t know that, Ingrid! Thanks for sharing! You should write your own book! :shock: :roflhard:

That’s what I did with mine…slipped the first st and knit the last and K2P1 in between on both sides.

Kelly, what yarn did you use for your scrunchable? :smiley: