Question about Saartje's Baby Bootees

After seeing the lovely examples here by the KH knitters, I decided to whip up a pair of these bootees. All was going well until I got to row 25, where I am making the right strap.

The pattern says to: “k10, co10 using longtail cast on and second strand of CC as the thumb strand, cut second strand leaving 8” tail"

Here’s the pattern for reference.

So, my question is…how exactly do I cast on those stitches? I understand what the pattern is saying, but I can’t make my mind understand how to actually do it, if that makes sense? :lol: :doh:

I am guessing just doing a backward loop cast on would not look neat enough? Please help my addled brain to understand how in the world I hold the darn yarn to create these extra cast on stitches!!

Yeah, I think they suggest the long tail cast on just for aesthetics. It does make a prettier cast on, but really, it’s not going to make a huge difference. I prefer the backward loop cast on when casting on in the middle of pattern myself. But if you want to do the longtail, drop the working yarn, and cast on with a new strand onto the needle as if the rest of the bootie isn’t even there, then just slide them up next to the bootie stitches. You’ll have two tails there, you can tie them together loosely until you’re finished.

Thanks so much Sock!Goddess!Silver! I think I actually did it correctly on the right strap, but the left strap was a total nightmare. Hee! My brain is just not functioning at full capacity today I guess :oops:

Glad I could help!! :slight_smile: