Question about row counting

I’m working a short row and the patterns says, “Row 7: Work 30 sts, wrap and turn, work to end.” So, my question is, when I’m working back to the end, is that row 8? Or is it still row 7?

Once you’ve turned, you’re now on a new row, in this case row 8. Let’s say those 30 stitches you worked are in knit and you are on the right side/outside of the fabric. When you turn, you’re now purling, and on the wrong side/inside of the fabric. In any situation like this, it counts as a new row.

Good deal! That’s how I’ve been doing it! :woohoo:

:thumbsup: Ain’t it nice when it turns out that way, instead of, “everything you did was wrong, so first thing is, rip back 4 and 1/2 inches”:slight_smile: . . .