Question about ribbing with circulars

I am starting a new pattern and in the past every time I knit rib stitches in the round, My rhythm and stitches get off when I join the round.

Trying to be extra careful this time, I see that once again I was knitting KK PP just fine until I joined in the round, then I got KK PPP . Is there a way to rectify this before I get too far along? Maybe knitting 2 together or something? I counted and I do have 1 stitch too many so that should work, I hope.

You only have to join in the round once. After you join in the round just follow the stitch below it (knit the knits and purl the purls) and you should always have KK PP

Sure, work 2 sts together. Probably the most unnoticeable way to do this is to p2tog but k2tog will work.
You should have multiples of 4 if you’re working k2p2 rib.

Thank you both. goodhello, somehow I ended up with an extra purl coming around the second round. Have no idea why.