Question about 'rejoining' yarn

I’m making a girls shrug (Molly pattern from the Debbie Bliss Junior Knits book) and have a question. Earlier in the pattern, I’d left a set of 73 stitches on a spare needle - which will become the Right Front side. I just finished working on the Left Front side and at the end of that, it told me to leave the remaining 8 stitches on a holder. Then I’m supposed to “rejoin yarn to rem sts on spare needle, p to end”.

Basically I’m done with those 10 stitches from the Left Front side (for now) and need to start working on the Right Front side again. Should I leave the yarn I was working with attached to those 10 stitches and rejoin with a new skein to the other side? Or do I cut the yarn off from those 10 and join that to the other side? If I cut it off, how do I keep the 10 stitches from coming apart? When I read the pattern, it looks like I’ll have yarn with me when I get back to those 10 stitches, so shouldn’t need the yarn that’s attached to them now.

Does that make sense? I also am not sure how to rejoin yarn to previous stitches, but am assuming that I simply pick up the new yarn and start knitting as if I were joining a new skein after running out. Is that right?

Thank you - it’s been amazing being able to get answers here so quickly and thoroughly. I’m loving these forums! :slight_smile:

Yep, all you have to do is take a new yarn end and start knitting with it; leave a tail long enough to weave in. If you cut the yarn, also leave a long enough tail to weave in, they won’t come undone.

Thank you! I was hoping I was right - I must be getting better at figuring all of this out. Thanks for the quick response too! :slight_smile:

I’d leave the yarn attached & not cut it. If you worked the sweater front in one piece & are now dividing for the neck, you need a skein for the left front & one for the right. Slide the unused stitches onto a stitch holder. Or if you don’t have one. Thread a piece of contrasting yarn onto a tapestry needle & pull it thru those stitches & make a loose knot.