Question about reading a pattern

I am new to knitting and am trying to read my first pattern. I have completed the ruffle rows of the Misti Ribs and Ruffles Scarf. The instructions detail the pattern for Row 1 and then Row 2. The next direction describes ending the scarf. So, my question is this…do I repeat R2 instructions until I end the scarf (R1,R2,R2,R2…) or do I repeat the instructions for R1 and R2 (R1,R2,R1,R2…)

Thanks for your help!

Here’s the link to the pattern:

Repeat rows 5 and 6 of the pattern (rows 1 and 2 of the rib pattern.)

Thanks so much…I’m home from teaching. Now I can finish this gift! I was delighted to learn about ruffles in this fun pattern, maybe I can learn to knit after all : )