Question about purses/bags

When you knit a purse or bag, does anyone line theirs inside or leave it plain without a liner? Seems like it wouldn’t be safe to leave it unlined. If you do line it, what with?

Jackie M.

The bags I’ve made were either crocheted with cotton or knitted and felted. I haven’t lined anything I’ve made… yet!

I don’t line my felted bags, but I did line one that wasn’t felted. I just bought some of the cheapo fabric at wal-mart, and sewed the liner together on the machine, and then hand stitched it into the purse…(it looks alright I guess…I’m a crappy seamstress! :oops: )

Funny you asked this coz I’m just about to try lining my first bag.
I’ve made some others that didn’t need it as they were either tightly knit out of bulky yarn or an open string bag I did. But this one I want more dressy and it’s also a loose cotton so I’m going to try it and with
Walmart fabric! Hope I can do it alright…

:waving: Here are instructions I have bookmarked for adding a lining. Hope they help

I’ve been lining mine. I went out and bought coordinating fabric special for one from my LQS (local quilt shop), for a couple others I just happened to have FQ (fat quarters) from said shop already - all cotton of course. I do have some shiny rayon-type fabric that’s screaming ‘make me into purse lining’, so I probably will. I also have some batik that I’d like to try using as lining in something that is holey or lacey, since batik looks good from both sides.

Skater! Wow, that’s just what I needed! It’s great, the pictures will help me so much. thank you thank you ! I was just reading a how-to somewhere else and it had no pix and I know it’s relatively easy but I want to do it right.

That’s a nice idea about batik Carol. I love batik. I’m also looking at dresses/skirts I bought a few years ago and never really liked much… cut them up. FQ huh? like that

I line all my bags. The lining just makes the purse look so much more professional. I use the Home Decor at Jo-ann Fabrics. They have so many bright colors. I also put a plastic bottom in it so it has a sturdier bottom. I put a pocket for my cell, and other various pockets. Here is a liner I just put in a bag.

Nifty bag, knitwit1! Pockets? I like pockets. What do you mean you put plastic on the bottom? It looks like the fabric. Do you use clear plastic? What kind - where can you get it, etc.:?:

Cindy! That fabric is perfect! I love putting in pockets too.

Skater - I got my plastic from Ben Franklins Craft store. It’s called ‘needlepoint plastic canvas’ and looks like a white plastic screen. Probably any large craft type store should have it. I think mine is about 8.5" by 11"? It was inexpensive because the store was going out of business - now I wish I had bought a box or something.

For bags, you put the screen in first and tack it down by sewing it at the corners if you want. Then you line the purse.

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Victoise - I have those same skirts. They’re hanging out waiting for me to cut them up for something! Also, FQ are nice because you get a piece of fabric that’s 18X22 instead of a quarter yard at 9X44. And they can be just kind of fun to collect for the future. :slight_smile:

WM and Mike’s should have it in the needlepoint section. It’s commonly called plastic canvas, and it comes in various “thread” counts. 7 mesh is the most common, and you can often find it in solid colours as well as super soft and super stiff versions. I know that Mary Maxim and Herrschnerrs sell it too.

Nicole and Skater, you’ve saved me!! I’ve been wondering how to line a bag and what to use and where to get it. Yippee! :cheering:

OMG I love that bag!!! :inlove: Is it very hard to add pockets? I am working on a bag now that i would love to have pockets in it.

YES!!! please post instructions!!! I have a trip to a quilting store in the works… they have yarn fabric! I want to make myself a tote, and pockets would be wonderful!

Ooh, same here! Love pocketses!

:thinking: yarrrrrrrrrrn fabric? what is yarn fabric?

I am making a little purse and bought the most gorgeous brocade this weekend to line it with. It is one of my favorite parts of knitting bags…finding the liner! yeah i really don’t like DOING the lining…just buying it! :rofling:

Just like I said! Yarn fabric! :roflhard: It’s got balls of yarn printed all over it! :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: At my last SnB, the girl sitting next to me had a knitting tote made from it. My eyes went as wide as baseballs, and once I could breathe again, I begged her to tell me where she bought it. They sell it at her work {she works in a quilting shop}, comes in blue and black and is about $18{CAD} a metre. I replied bluntly, does it really matter how much it is? It’s got YARN on it!!! :roflhard: :roflhard: She thought I just might want to know! At that price, it means that I wouldn’t be redecorating my craft room with it, but I certainly can afford a metre or three to make a tote and/or liner with it!!! :happydance:

oooooh i thought it was some fabric that was made of yarn…well nevah mind then! :wink:

sigh and here I thought it was so cool! :rollseyes:

awww you were way cool BEFORE i thought you had discovered some cool fabric made of yarn! :wink: