Question about Pom-Pom Maker

[SIZE=“4”][FONT=“Arial”]Hello all!

I wondered if anyone has used one of the Pom-Pom makers that various companies sell.

I’ve tried the cardboard method and somehow my pom-poms separate showing the center strand of yarn no matter how tight or full I make them.

So, I thought I’d buy one but was unsure which brand would be best and easiest to use.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

Deborah :heart:


I’ve tried several of them and the only one that really works for me is the Clover brand one. The others, in my opinion, are no better than the cardboard method. Joann’s carries the Clover one ( .

Hi Yarnrainbow:

Thanks so much for the tip for undoubtedly I would have selected one of the others that doesn’t work as well.

With your advice I’m on the right track.

It was kind of you to share your experience with these little gadgets.

Many thanks,


I second Yarnrainbow’s suggestion. I have the Clover size small set, it is veritably simple to use and my pom-poms have turned out full and uniform in size with minor shaping. There is another thread (from January or February) that touched on this topic of pompom makers or making pompoms. If you do a search I’m pretty sure you could find it and get some other ideas and opinions.