Question about picking up stitches on a pattern

Hello there! So I’m working on this hat right now, and I’m just about finished, adding on a few rows of garter stitch along the edge (if you look at one of the images, it’s the small bit at the bottom edge of the hat that’s in brown). So the edge is made up of 96 stitches. The instructions for the part I am working on are as follows: With CC, pick up 104 sts around bottom edge of hat. Mark the beginning of the round. Starting with a purl round, work 3rows in garter stitch. Bind-off loosely.

So my question here is, how on earth do I pick up more stitches than I have?

You can pick up one in between every so often every 10 stitches maybe?

You need 8 more stitches than you have. 8 into 96 is 12. So every 12th stitch, pick up two stitches into the one. You could pull yarn through the middle of the stitch, then through the gap just after.

You could also pick up the 96, then increase every 12th stitch on your first round. Should have a similar effect.

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I’m sorry I never saw this until now, I didn’t mean to ignore you! I ended up getting it finished, but thank you for hte advice, I will keep that in mind for next time :slight_smile: