Question about 'peekaboo' mitts by Magknits

I’m working on my first pair of these. My guage was spot on for the pattern… I even knitted the smaller size (less cast on stitches)… but, as I’ve been knitting it… the mitts seemed like they were bigger than they should be… but, I kept knitting and checking guage and sizing (according to the pattern) and let’s just say as I finally get ready to do the ‘decreasing row’ at the top of the mitts…

And, I tried the mitts on again and ALL I CAN SAY IS:

Either I have very small hands (I will admit that they aren’t as large as most adult females) or the designer of the pattern had ‘freakishly’ large hands!

Has anyone knitted this pattern and found them to be ‘extra roomy?’ Darn it all… I can’t even make them for a guy friend or something… because I used a eggplant and deep pink color… Not a male I know would wear them in this color!

So, my next plan is to go ahead and finish both mitts… and either: try to shirnk them a little in the washer… (the wool is 67%) OR find a female friend with much larger hands than I have.


i’ve made these mittens in the smaller size and i have relatively small hands…but i didn’t have any problems with them being too big. in fact, they could be a little bigger. maybe you could frog them and go down a needle size?

You’re not crazy-- they say that the mitten is for an 8" round hand. The larger gauge is 16 sts per 4", meaning 4 sts per inch. The number of sts when you’re working the hand is 40-- which means that is going to come to 10". Mittens are usually worked just a tad small, because they stretch when on your hand and that gives a slightly snug fit. So 2 extra inches would be huge.