Question about patterns

So I have been wanting to make a beanie for a long time. A while ago I bought 4 Size 13 needles and size 13 yarn to make a beanie with it. The problem is that I never found a pattern for that size yarn. I found a pattern that I like but is for Size 8 needles. Is there any way I can change the pattern to be used with a size 13? Also, I just want to make my beanie black and usually the patterns ask for 2 rolls of yarn cause they use multiple colors, but if I want to just use black do I still need 2 rolls of yarn?

Here is the pattern for the one I’m wanting to make:

worked with 2 yarns held together
brim worked flat in garter st
body of hat in rounds in stst

you will need about 150 m alpaca superlight and the same amount of merino 120
circulars and dpns US size 8

and, if you like, pom-poms, buttons, embroidery thread, …to embellish the little hat
see this post for inspiration

here is what I did:

gauge was 20 sts = 10 cm

CO 10 sts, work in garter st for 64 rows ridges, BO all sts
sew BO edge to CO edge to form a ring

pick up 96 sts around ring and join to knit in rounds
work in st st until body of hat measures 14 cm ( without band)
beg decreasing:

rnd 1: k10, k2tog; rep from to end
k 3 rnds
rnd 5: k4, k2tog, k9, k2tog; rep from to last 5 sts, k5
k 2 rnds
rnd 8: k2tog, k8, k2tog; rep from to last 8 sts, k8
k 1 rnd
rnd 10: k4, k2tog, k7, k2tog; rep from to last 3 sts, k3
k 1 rnd
rnd 12: k2tog, k2, k2tog; rep from to last 2 sts, k2
k 1 rnd
rnd 14: k1, k2tog; rep from to end
k 1 rnd
rnd 15 + 16: k2tog around

cut yarn, leaving an end for sewing. draw through rem sts, pull up tightly
and weave in end.

Do a gauge swatch with your yarn and needles and see how many sts per 10 cm (or 4 inches) you get. Then if you like the knitted swatch (looseness, laciness, drape), you can adapt the number of sts in the pattern to your gauge. The pattern is calling for 20 sts to 10cm. See what you get if you knit a swatch in stockinette stitch.

This pattern says"

CO 10 sts, work in garter st for 64 rows ridges, BO all sts
sew BO edge to CO edge to form a ring

So Im guessing is "Cast On 15 sts (since mine is 30 sts = 4in). But what does it mean by [B]“work in garter st for 64 rows ridges, BO all sts
sew BO edge to CO edge to form a ring”[/B]

You’re going to knit those 15 stitches for 64 rows and bind off.

Then sew the two short ends together.

In garter stitch it takes 2 rows to make a ridge, so one of those words is wrong. I think 64 rows would be too short for a neck warmer, so you probably knit for 128 rows/64 [I]ridges [/I]and that should be about right. Unless it’s for a hat. And since your gauge is smaller, you probably want to knit longer, whatever the measurement 128 rows would be according to the pattern gauge.

Cast on 15 sts and knit each row (that will be garter st) until the band fits around your head comfortably when slightly stretched. It’s going to be the ribbing on the edge of the beanie. After you connect the cast on edge to the cast off edge, you’ll pick up sts around one edge for the crown of the beanie.

On question, I’m not sure what your mean by size 13 yarn in your first post?

Yarn that says size 13 needles on the label? Which would be a super bulky?

Yes it says 13 and yes is bulky. I want to make a bulky one for winter and them I will make a thinner one for warmer weather.

Or it might not said that on the label. I got it a while ago and lost the label but I bought it and bought needles size 13 for it.

I don’t understand how you’re getting 30sts = 4in with size 13 needles and a yarn calling for 13 needles. Is that correct?
(The pattern gauge is 20sts/4inches.)

ok so I gave up on using the number US 13. I bought some yarn 192m, 10 x 10cm, medium #4, 100g. I have 4 double pointer needles size US 8. I looked for videos on how to knit on the round with double pointed needles but it looked kinda complicated on the video. Can anybody give me some light on how to start this project now that I have the actual stuff that the pattern asks for?

I know I have to cast on 10 sts but how do I divide that between 4 needles?

If you have 10sts cast on you can slide off 3sts onto one dpn, another 3sts onto a second dpm and 4sts onto the third dpn. Use the 4th needle as your working needle. There’s a video under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Advanced Techs, Small Diameter Circular Knitting that may help.
(But if you’re making the same pattern that you initially posted, the brim sts are just knit straight back and forth until you have a long strip which will go around your head and form the headband of the beanie.Then you’ll join the strip in a circle and pick up sts along one side for the body of the hat.)

To start out with, you don’t join the sts for the pattern above, just use 2 needles and work a 10 stitch garter strip, then you sew the cast on and bind off edges together. After that, you’ll pick up sts around one edge of the headband, that’s when you’ll need all the needles and it will be ‘joined’ after you pick up all the sts.

I appreciate the help from everyone. I don’t know much about knitting and really want to learn. I don’t have someone to personally show me so its kinda hard to figure out stuff.

Would a 16in size US8 circular needle work for a beanie our do I need a longer one?

That will work fine, but after you begin the decreases the stitches won’t be long enough to fit the needle. You can either use dpns at that point, add a second needle and use both or use a longer one magic loop style.