Question about pattern

I am trying to make a rose. Pattern: calls for M1-P. I am not sure what this means. I watched the free videos but could not find an M1-P.
Also the 3rd row says K1, *p2, M1-p, K1; rep from * to end. Not quite sure how to do this.

row 1 (RS) K1, *P1, K1: rep from * to end.
row 2 K the knit and P the Purl… my question is do I go ahead and follow the RS K and P or do I follow the other side as the stitches facing me. I hope someone understands what I am asking? Any help would be appreciated

It’s a m1 on the purl side. Do it like one of the other m1s shown on the increase page, but purl into it instead of knit. For row 2 knit the sts however they look on that row - knit the ones that look likek knits, purl the ones that look like purls.