Question about pattern

here is the pattern. when it says around does that mean do the whole row like that? for example row one of the decrease do I K4, P2 tog, P2 all around or do I K4, P2 tog, then do the rest in P2. I know it sounds stupid but I am just learning

Cast on 88 sts on size 7 16-inch circular needles. Attach, avoiding any twists.

K4, P4 around until hat measures 11 inches.

Decrease as follows (change to size 7 double-pointed needles when hat gets too small for the circular):

Row 1: K4, P2 tog, P2 around.

Row 2: K4, P3 around.

Row 3: K2 tog, K2, P3 around.

Row 4: K3, P3 around.

Row 5: K3, P1, P2 tog around.

Row 6: K3, P2 around.

Row 7: K1, SSK, P2 around.

Row 8: K2, P2 around.

Row 9: K2, P2 tog around.

Row 10: K2 tog, P1 around.

Row 11: K2 tog around.

You do it all the way around, that is, repeat all the stitches over and over again–the first round would be ( K4, P2 tog, P2) repeated.

Despite being labelled as ‘Row 1, Row 2’ etc don’t forget this pattern is in the round so you are not actually knitting rows as you would flat.

in this case the ‘around’ at the end of each line of instructions refers to all af the instructions.
For the first round you would reapeat K4, P2tog, P2 over all of the stitches.
For the second round you would reapeat K4, P3 over all of the stitches and so on for each round.
For the second round