Question about pattern

Hi! I am knitting my daughter a sweater from a pattern that came with Caron’s Simply Soft yarn. The pattern is for a Baby Caftan Sweater. I love this yarn and the pattern is easy but I have a question about one part where it says to bind off.

Once I get to the neck and placket shaping I had to bind off the center 6 st and join a second skein to begin knitting both sides of the neck at the same time. This part I did. Then it says:

Shape neck and shoulders: (RS) At each neck edge, BO 2 sts once, then dec 1 st every other row 5 times until 12 rem on each shoulder.

How can I BO at the end of the row? I can’t knit the first sts and then BO before I reach the middle where the neck edge is. I can BO on the other side of the neck edge because it’s the start of that side shoulder. Should I k2tog twice or SSK twice at the first part to dec the 2 sts?


You’re right, you can’t bind off at the end of a row, so for the side where that would be an issue, you have to do the bind off at the beginning of the next row. One one side of the neck the bind off will be on the right side of your work and on the other neck edge the bind off will be on the wrong side of your work. Same goes for the decreases that follow every other row.

thank you so much! I love how helpful people are on here. I can’t wait to finish this sweater and try it on Avery!!