Question about pattern

hello, i would really like to make this tank and i want to get all my questions out of the way b4 i start :slight_smile:

ok first : what the heck is a dart marker??

[b]K 21 rnds.

Place dart markers: K40, PM, K10, PM, K40, PM, K8 (not quite finishing row).

Starting 2 st before row marker, ssk, SM, K2tog, the continue in stockinette, repeating ssk/K2tog decreases around each marker. You’ll work all your increases & decreases in the same way, starting before that first marker (since the rnd marker is also your 1st dart marker).[/b]

ok so the first round is the eyelet round, then i just knit every stitch for 21 rounds? not work in stockinette stitch?
and would i start placing the dark markers on the 22nd round where i continue to knit every stitch?


K1 rnd
Repeat decrease rnd
K 10 rnd
Increase around each marker by K tfbl on stitch before and after each marker
K 3 rnds
Increase rnd, as above.
K 4 rnds
Increase rnd
K 5 rnds
Increase rnd
K 6 rnds
Increase rnd
K 7 rnds
Increase rnd
Work 2 rnds in seed & BO.

so i baiscally knit 1, then do decrease round, then knit 10 rounds WITHOUT decreasing? then on the 11th i increase, and then i knit 3 rounds WITHOUT increasing, and so on? or do i decrease on all those 11 rounds and then increase on the rest???

and as for seed stitch? is that the knit 1, purl 1???

sorry if this is confusing. i would really appreciate any help

I imagine a dart marker is just a regular marker, telling you where the dart of the sweater will be.

When you work in the round, knitting every row IS stockinette stitch. You’re always knitting on the front of the garment, so there’s no need to purl back.

So you knit 21 rounds, then on the 22nd round place the markers where they tell you to.

For the decrease/increase rounds, just do as they say. Knit one round, then knit a dec round; knit 10 rounds, k an increase round; k3 rounds, etc.

Seed stitch is k1, p1 on one round and then p1, k1 on the next round, so you’ll be knitting the purls and purling the knits all the way around.

cool thanks so much for the fast reply. i guess I just made it alot harder then it really is lol. i’ve only knitted in the round once a couple of months ago so i didn’t know that!
Thanks so much!