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I’ve come across this section in my jumper and am questioning what it means? It says join raglan seams leaving left back open. It then goes on to say with r/s facing knit …… etc. are these two separate steps or is the second part explaining how to join the Ragland seams?


First join the 3 seams leaving the 4th seam open. You can seam these pieces using mattress stitch or a backstitch or whichever technique you prefer. Leaving one raglan seam open allows you to knit the neckband flat (back and forth) instead of in the round.
The next directions are separate and tell you how to work the neckband. Start with a new end of yarn for this section and begin by knitting across the held stitches at the top of the left sleeve (left as you would wear the sweater).

What is the name of your pattern?

This is really helpful thanks. The name of my pattern is: Sidar 3948.

When you say knit three seams does that mean I also seam the sleeves on as well?

You don’t need to seam the sleeves yet. I was assuming there are 4 raglan seams, 2 at the front and 2 at the back. Only 3 of those raglan seams need to be joined before you work the neckband.
Seaming the sleeves will only make this a bit awkward so best to wait until the neckband is complete. Then you can seam the 4th raglan and go on to seam any other parts.


I think I’m starting to get the idea a bit more. As shown in the below photo is sowing the three raglan seams. Am I correct in thinking these are the three red sections? So it leaves the back left open as the pattern says?

If I’m correct with the above I also have another question! At the moment I have each section on a stitch holder and as you can see in the photo a long bit of yarn at the end. Should I tie off / knot off these ends before I join the seams to make the top section neater (keeping the stitches on the holders though for doing the neck band?

Thanks for your patience, time and help with explaining this,




Should I also seam stitch (mattress stitch) on the reverse side or right side?


Looks very nice. We’re viewing from the wrong side or inside of the sweater so all your designations make sense. Yes, the red sections are the ones to seam with one of the back seams open. You can use the yarn attached to the left sleeve to start knitting the neckband. The other yarn ends can be used to mattress stitch the raglan seams from the neck to the underarm if you wish.

Work mattress stitch from the right side or outer side of the sweater. I like to pin the seam in a few places to make sure that the mattress stitch is on track to finish evenly. Of course you can always pick up one strand between sts instead of two to even out the seam in case one side gets ahead of the other.

This is exciting isn’t it, when it all starts coming together?
As a less experienced knitter I would recommend using a yarn length that is not already attached to your project and live stitches. Whilst it does make sense to use yarn ends which are already there, and the result is fewer ends to weave in later on, personally I find it easier to control the tension of the mattress stitch seaming if both ends of the seaming yarn are loose and not pulling on a live stitch. I tend to draw the mattress yarn from both ends to bring the edges together and get a firm seam and then to pull on the seam to make sure it’s not all too tight. It’s just harder to do this with one end joined to stitches.
That’s just my personal preference.

Thank you for your suggestion

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