Question about pattern instructions

I am knitting beginner socks

I am at to begin heel. Instructions say row 2: [Sl1, K1] to end of row.

Question is do I do the sequence in brackets continually for the whole row? slip 1, knit 1, slip 1, knit 1, etc to end of row?

Thank you!

It looks like you’re doing what’s known as heel stitch and if that’s the case then yes, sl 1 k1 across the row. Does it say to purl all stitches on the next row?

yes it does. thankyou again for your help. you’re a big help to me. thanks!


Hi again. I am at the shape heel part and row 1 says:
P13, pstog, p1, turn. Where I’m confused is where it says to turn. I still have 4 sts on my needle. Do I turn it over anyways even with the 4 sts still left from row 1?

I replied in your other thread.

Okay, thank you!