Question about options

I finally got to touch a pair of addis but looking at the price they just aren’t in the budget at the moment. I looked at the options in the same size but I can’t tell, are they as pointy? I am looking for something very pointy for lace work.


Options are pointy- more so than regular Addis. Did you try regular Addis or the new lace?

I personally perfer the Options over the Addis for the points. Maybe people who knit lace more than I will have a differnt opinion about the new lace Addis.


Options have very sharp points.

[I]But, [/I]the Addis are more slippery than the Options. Not very much, but you can definately tell. The points don’t [I]really[/I] make a difference to me, unless I’m working lace or tight cables. Definately go for the Options if you can’t get the Addis.

I bought some of the lace Addis and the points are the same as the Options, but the Addis have a bit more grab to them, which can be better for lace work.

Well I am trying to do the July challenge but I might just give the options a go and then if I find I like the lace knitting I can get some addis.

Not necessarily, the Options are great for lace knitting. I’m sure the only reason that Skacel developed the Addi Lace is because of the Options. If you get the Options for lace, no need to get more, unless you just want to :wink:

I agree! I have only done one lace project, but the Options worked extremely well for me. I love the points, smooth join, and flexible cable. Once I purchased my Options set, I’ve never felt a need for another other needle except in sizes that didn’t come with the Options set. In those cases, I still get KP needles because I’ve found I love them so much.

I have one set of Addis and the Options set. I love Addis, but I REALLY LOVE my Options. I’ve never noticed a difference in the slippery factor between the two. The Options are pointier, though. Plus, how can you not fall in love with purple cords and accessories?!?