Question about needles

I am using Denise Interchangables, and love them.
However, I have just finished a cardigan in cotton and started on in wool, and noticed that the fluffy wool feels sort of scratchy as it moves on the needles. It is almost setting my teeth on edge as it feels funny.
Is it because the needles are plastic? Would it be better to use metal needles with wool? I keep reading the rave reviews on the KP option needles and wonder if they would be better…
What do you think?

I just got the options and IMHO you need both them and the Denise set. Some yarns prefer one or the other and it doesn’t seem to just be based on content.

Also, I’m more confident taking my Denise’s on airplanes and they don’t trigger the sensors or suspicions of security when I go to various events.

Phew, I’m not going mad then… the different yarns are better on different needles?
How are you getting on with the options ones? Are they very different to the Denise needles? Sorry about all the questions, but I haven’t been knitting long so am curious about everything.

The options are working great. The cord is thinner and I like the pointy tips, but they can hurt sometimes.

Check out this sticky for lots of info

Thanks for the link to that thread, as I’m now convinced I need a set :roflhard:
And after a search have found a company in Australia that sells them and ships to Singapore - so have made my purchase and will now sit by the door and await their arrival :cheering::cheering::cheering:
Thank you for your help :thumbsup: