Question about needle size

I knit with the yarn in my left hand, ie very loosely. I’m already using size three needles for worsted weight yarn, and I’m worried about getting a good gauge if I ever use any smaller yarn.

I see that knitpicks has a set of size 0000 needles, does anyone know of any between 0 and 0000? Preferably bamboo, but I’ll take whatever I can find.

I don’t think the really small needles are typically made in wood…I think has 5" DPN’s down to 0 in wood. I love the brittany’s I have in 2, but I have broken some of them. Not sure how well they’d hold up in a 0, but since you knit loosely they should be ok. Under a 0 all I’ve even seen is metal. I think they might have to be metal at that size for strength.

I would have to agree with Kemp…I would pop small wooden needles very quickly :shock: