Question about needle size

My pattern say’s…

2 sets of circular needles, one sized for yarn used an one 2 sizes smaller.

Well first of all the yarn I got does not have anything about needle size on it. It’s a very inexpensive yarn I got from ‘Michaels’. I was in the yarn shop the other day and showed the lady working there my pattern and she said she’d go with either size 7 or 8 needles and then go with 2 sizes smaller from whatever one of those I used.

But why doesent the pattern tell me the length the circulars should be. I was told the length does matter when knitting with circulars.

I’m knitting an adult Newsboy’s hat, btw.

well it depends. does the pattern tell you to “join” at any point in the instructions? if it doesn’t then the work is knit on circulars and is done flat. if it DOES say to join then it is odd that it doesn’t tell you what length but 16s will usually work for most hats. how many stitches are you casting on?

I dont think it say’s to “join” anywhere in the pattern but it sounds like I’m still going to be knitting in a circle. I could be wrong though. This is only my 3rd time making something ever so I’m a newbie. Here’s the beginning of my pattern…

Special Cast on: Make a slip knit in end of yarn, test that knot will close when you pull end of yarn, then, on the side of the loop that does not close, k1, YO repeat a total of three times then k1, p1, turn and knit 4 stitches, draw up a magic loop on yoru needle by pulling out right needle, make a loop and then knit the last 4 stitches, pull out second loop and continue knitting aroundi n a circle for rest of project.

eta: My next instructions say with smaller sized needles, CO 8 stitches in loop,

You will be knitting in the round, apparently, but Magic Loop is a way to do this with a long needle. If you plan to do ML, use the longest needle you can find with the most flexible cable.

I hope the directions are good, because it sounds confusing for a newbie.

Oh gosh. The directions seem very confusing to me (but I’m still confused by most patterns). Well I’m going to take the pattern to my knitting group tomorrow and ask the more experienced knitters to look at the pattern.

If it’s going to be too difficult I’ll have to search for something else.

sigh It took me a long time to find the right hat. The site listed this hat as “easy”.

Then maybe it is EASY! I haven’t seen the pattern, so by all means bring it in and have someone take a look at the whole package. Don’t let me discourage you, please. I just didn’t want you to try to do something that you would find discouraging.

I’ll see what they say tomorrow.

Thanks for your help.