Question about needle size


I hope you can help me out here…

I made a swatch with my Koigu and use the pattern eyelet swirls, it came out beautiful.

I used my bamboo #5 making this swatch. I am quite happy and decided to make a scarf BUT I want to use my addi turbo #5 to finish this project.

Now somebody told me that I have to be aware of the fact that addis will knit up slightly bigger… so addis #5 will knit up bigger than when I will use bamboo #5 cuz the addis are much slippery.

Is this true? Do you guys have an opinion on this one?


It’s true that there will be gauge variances between different kinds of needles…but IMHO for a scarf it’s not going to make that much of a difference. It’s not like a fitted garment where the gauge is crucial. :smiley:

i agree that it won’t matter that much since it is a scarf. nice thing with them is you can usually stop where you would like so if it gets to being as long as you would like just bind it off. the only worry you might have is running out of yarn.


Yeah, I agree that the gauge is not crucial for a scarf… but the thing is, I am going to measure my swatch and then multiply it by how big I want the scarf to be…

I then frog my swatch so that I know how much inch of yarn is in it. That way I can exactly measure how much yard/balls I will need for the koigu I am using you see… don’t want the risk to run out.

But now I know it is really true that there is a slight difference in different brand of needles, thanks!