Question about my Shibui Heichi pattern

Hi Everyone, okay my pattern has a cable pattern in that is a total of 6 rows it reads

cable pattern(worked over 8 sts)
Row 1 and 3(RS)Sl 1 wyib, p1, k4, p1, sl 1 wyib.
Row 2,4,6: P1, k1, p4, k1,p1
Row 5:Sl 1 wyib, p1, C4F, p1, sl 1 wyib.

To start I have to cast on 186 sts.
Set-up Row(RS)Sl1 wyib, work 54 sts in Seed st, pm, work 8 sts in Cable pattern, pm, work 60 sts in Seed st, pm, work 8 sts in Cable pattern, pm, work 54 sts in Seed st, end k1

So when i get to the work8 in cable pattern what do i do? I hope someone can help!!

For the first row you work row one of the cable directions, for row 2 you work row 2 of the cable directions, then 3, etc. Once you have completed the 6 rows of the cable pattern, you go back to row one and keep repeating through 6

So when I get to the first time it says do 8 from cable pattern i do all 6 rows? Thats what confuses me. The instructions i put are for the set up row. Do i do row 1 of cable pattern for that row? The row after set up row is labeled row 1 so that what throwing me off i think.

Just do row 1 of the cable pattern on the setup row. On the next row, called row 1 in the pattern, do the next cable row, row 2 of cable pattern. It’s not going to be as confusing as that sounds. The seed st is easy to follow because you just purl the sts that look like knits and knit the sts that look like purls. Keep track of the cable rows so that you’ll know when you get to row 5, the cable cross row. That’ll keep all your cables looking nice and even.

Okay so on my set up row there are two times it says do 8 sts of cable pattern so i do row 1 of the cable pattern for both of those times, is that right? Thank you so much for your help!

You got it!

Okay cool, thank you so much!