Question about my pattern

This pattern is for "Tuxedo & Tails Dog Sweater"
Here is an excerpt from the pattern:

"Left Tail
With MC, CO 3 sts.
Working in garter st, inc 1 st at outside
(left) edge of tail every 3rd row until there
are 25(27)(33)(37) sts, ending with an inc
row. Tail should meas approximately 7 ⁄4
(8 ⁄2)(10 ⁄2)(12) inches. Place sts on holder.

Right Tail
Work as for left tail, reversing shaping by
working all incs on right edge of piece. Do
not cut yarn. Leave sts on ndl.

With RS of right tail facing, use attached
MC strand to CO 7(9)(9)(11) sts (right
underside tab) at beg of row. K across CO
sts, then k across rem sts of right tail; with
RS of left tail facing, knit sts from holder."

My question is, after placing stitches for the
Left Tail onto the holder - I cut the yarn, right?

Thank you to anyone who can clarify this for me!

I would if I were knitting it! Hoepfully I am correct in my thoughts! :muah: :cheering:

thanks hydeemarie, I’m going to try it …