Question about my pattern



I just started a pattern for basket weave mitts for beginners (I am not a beginner but vocal is frustrating) . This is what it says …

“Keeping the basket weave pattern correct, and starting from the 5th row of the pattern , patt 28 (whatever that means …) (32,36) Sts , M1, K2 , M1 patt to the end … very confused as to what “patt 28/ patt 27” means . Can someone help me ???


Hi, Patt simply means - work in pattern. You will be starting from row 5 of the Basket Weave pattern as set out. You work the first 28(32,36) sts (whichever size you are working on) in basket weave pattern row 5, M1,K2,M1, pattern to the end of the row continuing in basket weave pattern still on row 5
Hope this helps