Question about my felted piece

I just felted my piece for a needle case. I took it out & brought it up to dry and, as I was laying it flat, noticed that both the cast on & bind off edges don’t look as felted as the rest of it. Should I put it back in for another round or wil it be ok?

Gee. that depends on if you don’t mind if the rest of it shrinks more? Did you cast on and bind off not as tight as you knit? Just wondering. Take picture when its done so we can all see how nice it looks.

You can also try just hand felting the sides that didn’t felt as much. Maybe? :??

How would I hand felt it? THere’s only about 3 rows on each end that didn’t felt right.

I knew you were going to ask that! :wink:

I pulled out a felting book I have - it looks like you can use hot, soapy water and then you can scrub, twist and dunk in cold water the areas you want to felt more. I’ve done this a little bit with edges that didn’t felt - hopefully it will work for you!