Question about Ms. Marigold

I am knitting Ms. Marigold for the 2nd time (after ripping it out after i was 1/3 done because my stitches were all bumpy). So, I am quite proud of myself because I have gotten to where you join the sweater in the round and knit in stockinette. I have gotten this far in 1 1/2 days. I know, I have been knitting like a madwoman. I just knit almost 2 rounds past where you CO 10 stitches for the bottom of the V-neck, and I did the backward loop cast on, except i sort of did it backwards. instead of going from the front, i curled my finger around backward and put the needle in from the back. i figured that wouldnt matter because it’s the same basic stitch, just backward, and i was just casting on, anyhow. well now, 2 rounds into it, those 10 COs look REALLY loose. They were tight when i did them. But now they are all loopy looking as i am knitting. I am afraid that when I pick up stitches for the neck there will be big gaps around that area where the stitches arent tight enough to create tension. is this ok or should i take the time to go backward and fix it. i am wondering if there even IS any way to fix it. Grr, ive gotten this far, and i want it to look good. :wall: :??

When you pick up the stitches later, you can pick up beyond the loops of the cast on and get a nice-looking edge. There really isn’t any way to fix it except to go back and do a different cast-on. :pout:

Backwards loop generally makes a really loose cast on, but yep, you can fix it when you do the neck. Probably just picking up stitches will be enough.