Question about Moss & Stockinette Stitch

Hi all! I am knitting a blanket. How I am doing it is picking a stitch that I like and doing a panel in that stitch. Then when I am done, I am knitting another panel in a different stitch and so on. When I complete my project I would like to knit all of these panels together with a mattress stitch so that the seams are invisible. I was wondering if 1) can you use a mattress stitch to join two panels with different stitches together? :think: 2) if you can’t how can I join them so that the seam doesn’t show. :?? I know it probably sounds crazy but I am new to this so I’m not sure which direction to go. Any help would be appreciated. :pray:

Well your easiest way to get the same joins is to knit one or two edgestitches in plain knitting and then seam them together (note that mattress stitch is not a knit stitch, it is done with a sewing needle, when you have cast off leave a very long tail before you cut the wool off the ball). Also with the same number of stitches in the same wool and same needles, different patterns will have different widths as some stitches pull in, cables especially. Practise your seaming on swatches to get it neat to keep it invisible (smaller/thinner wool or embroidery thread/wool in the same colour
will keep it less visible too).

Thank you redwitch for helping me out. I know it was probably a bit of a crazy question but since it is my first blanket, I am clueless. :oo: I’ll give your ideas a try and see how that works. Thank you thank you thank you!!! :cheering: