Question about measurements

i’m currently working on this sweater:

and so far so good. i’ve separated the sleeves and its going well. im just confused about what this means:
[COLOR=red]Calculate the number of stitches required for the body – ([B]C[/B]/10 x 16 [20,22]) stitches – [B]D[/B] stitches (ensure that this is an even number – round up if necessary[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]what is c/10x16 supposed to mean?[/COLOR]
and then do i subtract c from d???
and then do i have to increase/decrease to get that amount??

C is “Underbust measurement – [B]C[/B] (84 cm in the example shown but use your own)”

So take that measurement, divide by 10 (cm) and multiply times your gauge over 10cm/4" and that will be your D st number. You won’t inc or dec or subtract to get that number, it just is.

Yep that is right. You need to know the number of stitches that you require for the body (D) in order to calculate the dimensions of the crossover. Sorry if it is unclear.