Question about mathematical knitting


I’m knitting a hat for my sister for christmas :teehee: . It’s not exactly a pattern; I am copying a ruffle thing I saw on a sweater (4 knits, 2 purls). I am about to get to crown decreases and I was wondering how to decrease in multiples of six. I would like to do so without making it look funky. I did cast on in multiples of six, but I don’t know the exact number of stitches.

Well you could k4, k2tog and have it come out correctly, but that makes the decreases pretty close together. You might end up with a somewhat gathered looking crown rather than smooth and round. If you don’t want to risk a gathered look then you’re going to have to break down and count your stitches to see if it’s possible to put them further apart.:teehee:

It might be better to do the decreases spread out more. Like k2, k2tog, p2, k4, p2, repeat. Then do a plain round in k3, p2, k4, p2 rib and on the next round k3, p2, k2 k2tog, p2 and repeat. Do another plain round then dec again, k1, k2tog, p2, k2, p2, etc.

Or you could just do k2, k2tog, p2 on the one round and work about 3 plain rounds before you do k1, k2tog, p2 around.

Oh whoops! I wasn’t paying close enough attention and didn’t account for the ribbing. Sorry! :doh: